This website is dedicated to my three kids Jared, Jazmin and Jade - hence the name “JS3” Through trials, tribulations and tragedy we can overcome whatever it is we may encounter. Stay positive and keep your head up we will make it.
Jade, my little chubbster, I miss you so much. Soon enough we will be together.

Always - Dad

For me, photography started in 1985. In High School, after realizing that I needed extra credits, I chose Photography as an elective. Despite sleeping through half of semester, I managed to pass the class. Photography grew on me. Friends in High School can recall that I always carried a camera where ever I went. This is very much like now. Through the years I’ve shot celebrities, landscapes, macros and other miscellaneous sports. Within in the last two years, I’ve decided to take a more aggressive approach into photography. This site will showcase my style and interests. Enjoy…

Many thanks to my friends and families (you know who you are-too many); everyone at StrataCare/CareSolutions, without you guys this past year would have been very tough for me; Ron for letting me borrow your camera equipment; Lisa from the “Camera Shop” for letting me “test try” the equipment and the rest of the crew at the “Camera Shop” for sharing your knowledge; Paul great job on the web; Special eD - Rock the Mullet, thanks for the hook-ups; Nelson, my oldest friend, glad we share the same interests; Ramil, Tom, Jon , Edwin and Kym…what can I say, through the toughest times of my life you guys stuck by me all the way. Thanks for putting up with me…love you guys.

Live life, live it well…JSolancho